Select Committee on European Communities Fifteenth Report


Sub-Committee A (Economic and Financial Affairs, Trade and External Relations)

The members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this enquiry were:

      L. Ashburton

      L. Boardman

      L. Desai

      L. Grenfell (Chairman)

      L. Hussey of North Bradley

      L. Randall of St Budeaux

      L. Renton of Mount Harry

      L. St John of Bletso

      B. Sharp of Guildford

      L. Shaw of Northstead

      L. Tomlinson

The specialist adviser was Professor Stephen Smith

Declared interests:
L. AshburtonFormer Chairman of companies with an interest in corporate taxation in UK and overseas
L. BoardmanPast Chairman of British Bankers' Association
L. DesaiNon-executive Director of Hythe Securities Ltd
L. Renton of Mount HarryChairman Fleming Continental European Trust plc
L. St John of BletsoConsultant to Overseas Company Registration Agency (head office Isle of Man)
L. Shaw of NorthsteadTrustee of an overseas trust

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