Select Committee on European Communities Sixteenth Report


Sub-Committee D (Agriculture, Fisheries and Food)

The members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this enquiry are:

      Lord Christopher

      Lord Gisborough

      Lord Grantchester

      Lord Jopling

      Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer

      Lord Moran

      Lord Rathcavan

      Lord Reay (Chairman)

      Lord Redesdale

      Lord Wade of Chorlton

      Lord Willoughby de Broke

      Baroness Young of Old Scone

The Sub-Committee had as its Specialist Adviser Professor Sir Colin Spedding, Emeritus Professor, University of Reading; Chairman, UK Register of Organic Food Standards from October 1987 to May 1999.

Members of the Sub-Committee declared the following interests in relation to this enquiry:
Lord Christopher— Vice-President, Oxted and Edenbridge Agricultural Society
Lord Gisborough—Farmer; President, Association of Professional Foresters
Lord Grantchester—Dairy farmer; member of National Farmers' Union of England and Wales; former member of Henry Doubleday Research Association and Soil Association
Lord Jopling—Farmer; member of National Farmers' Union of England and Wales; shareholder in Zeneca
Lord Moran—Lady Moran has a hill farm which is not registered as organic but is included in the voluntary scheme for the Radnor Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA)
Lord Rathcavan—Hill farmer; has investigated conversion to organic farming
Lord Reay—Farmer
Lord Redesdale—Owner of two hill farms
Lord Wade of Chorlton—Farmer; Director of food trading company; commercial consultant to Horticulture Research International
Lord Willoughby de Broke—Arable and grassland farmer; chairman, St Martin's Magazines, publishers of Country Illustrated; member, National Farmers' Union of England and Wales
Baroness Young of Old Scone—Chairman, English Nature; member of Henry Doubleday Research Association

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