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At two o’clock

Consideration of the report from the Appellate Committee in the cause:

Vehicle Inspectorate (Respondents) v. Nuttall (Appellant) (On Appeal from a Divisional Court of the Queen’s Bench Division)


At half-past ten o’clock

In Committee Room No. 2

Hearing of petitions for leave:

Scandecor Development AB (Petitioners) v. Scandecor Marketing AB and others (Respondents) and one other action

Owners of the Ship or Vessel ’Herceg Novi’ (Petitioners) v. Owners and/or demise charterers of the Ship or Vessel ’Ming Galaxy’ (Respondents)

Regina v. Immigration Appellate Authority (Respondents) ex parte Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent) and Cakabay (A.P.) (Petitioner)

W 1-6 (A.P.) (Cross-petitioners) v. Essex County Council and another (Cross-respondents)

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Prepared: 18 march 1999