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Allowances and pensions
Allowances and pensions for local authority members.     66. The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision with respect to the payment of allowances and pensions to members of local authorities.
Social services functions
Social services functions.     67. - (1) Sections 2 to 5 of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970 (establishment and operation of social services committees) do not apply to a local authority which operates executive arrangements.
      (2) Section 6(5) of that Act (social services director not to discharge non-social services functions without approval of Secretary of State) ceases to have effect.
      (3) After section 6(6) of that Act there is inserted-
    "(6A) For the purposes of this Act the social services functions of a local authority are-
    (a) their functions under the enactments specified in the first column of Schedule 1 to this Act (being the functions which are described in general terms in the second column of that Schedule), and
    (b) such other of their functions as the Secretary of State may designate by an order made under this subsection."
      (4) In subsection (1) "local authority" and "executive arrangements" have the same meaning as in Part II.
Repeal of prohibition on promotion of homosexuality
Repeal of prohibition on promotion of homosexuality.     68. Section 2A of the Local Government Act 1986 (prohibition on promoting homosexuality by teaching or by publishing material) ceases to have effect.
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Prepared 26 November 1999