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Amendments to the Local Government Bill [H.L.]

Local Government Bill [H.L.] -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Amendment to the Local Government Bill [H.L.] to be moved in Committee in the House of Lords.

After Clause 68
     Insert the following new Clause-- 
     ("  .--(1)  A local authority shall not encourage, or publish material intended to encourage, the performance of homosexual acts or the adoption of a homosexual life style.
    (2)  The prohibition in subsection (1) applies to teaching in any school maintained by a local authority.
    (3)  This section does not prohibit the provision of counselling services for young homosexual persons or the giving of advice to young persons who are concerned about their homosexuality.")
Prohibition on encouragement of homosexual acts etc.
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