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Amendments to the Care Standards Bill [H.L.]

Care Standards Bill [H.L.] -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Supplement (a) to the Second Marshalled List of Amendments to the Care Standards Bill [H.L.] to be moved in Committee in the House of Lords.

 [Amendments marked * are new or have been altered] 
Clause 68
128ZA*     Page 30, leave out lines 14 to 22 
129DA*     Page 32, line 2, at end insert--
        ("(10) A person is defined as not "suitable" as specified in subsections (3)(a), (3)(b) and (4)(a) where--
      (a)  he is included in the list kept under section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1999;
      (b)  he is included on the grounds mentioned in subsection (6ZA)(c) of section 218 of the Education Reform Act 1988 in the list kept for the purposes of regulations made under subsection (6) of that section;
      (c)  an order of a prescribed kind has been made at any time with respect to him;
      (d)  an order of a prescribed kind has been made at any time with respect to any child who has been in his care;
      (e)  a requirement of a prescribed kind has been imposed at any time with respect to such a child, under or by virtue of any enactment;
      (f)  he has at any time been refused registration under Part X or Part XA or any prescribed enactment or had any such registration cancelled;
      (g)  he has been convicted of any offence of a prescribed kind, or has been placed on probation or discharged absolutely or conditionally for any such offence;
      (h)  he has at any time been disqualified from fostering a child privately;
      (i)  a prohibition has been imposed on him at any time under section 69, section 10 of the Foster Children (Scotland) Act 1984 or any prescribed enactment;
      (j)  his rights and powers with respect to a child at any time been vested in a prescribed authority under a prescribed enactment.")
134ZA*     Page 39, leave out line 33 
Schedule 2
173A*     Page 64, leave out line 11 
173B*     Page 66, line 33, at end insert-- 
 ("Child protection and welfare responsibilities of day care and childminding providers 
     9.  Regulations shall require registered persons to undertake the following--
    (a)  a commitment to ensure all staff are alert to the signs of abuse;
    (b)  appoint a designated member of staff responsible for co-ordinating action on child protection;
    (c)  ensure that there is an awareness of child protection procedures established by the local Area Child Protection Committee, or the Local Education Authority where appropriate;
    (d)  ensure procedures are in place for handling suspected cases of abuse, including procedures if a member of staff is accused of abuse;
    (e)  ensure staff with designated responsibility for child protection receive appropriate training;
    (f)  ensure an effective policy against bullying is in place; and
    (g)  ensure corporal punishment is outlawed for all pupils in childminding and day care facilities for which they are responsible.")
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Prepared 13 January 2000