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Healthcare Services Bill [H.L.]

This is the Healthcare Services Bill [H.L.], as introduced in the House of Lords on 13th December 1999.

Healthcare Services Bill [H.L.]

The Private Healthcare Regulatory Authority
1.The Private Healthcare Regulatory Authority.
2.Appointment of chief executive and directors.
3.Annual and other reports.

General functions
4.General functions of the Authority.

Licensing of premises
5.Offence of admitting patients to unlicensed premises.
6.Licences to admit patients: general.
7.Power of Secretary of State to require conditions in licences.
8.Licences to admit patients: revocation and suspension.

Codes of practice
9.Codes of practice.
10.Codes of practice: supplementary.

Registration and inspection of licensed premises
11.The register.
12.Inspection and publication of the register.
13.Inspection of licensed premises.
14.Inspection reports.

15.Offences by bodies corporate.
16.Service of documents.
17.Financial provision.
19.Short title, commencement and extent.

    Constitution etc. of the Authority.-

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Prepared 14 December 1999