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Armed Forces Discipline Bill [H.L.]

This is the text of the Armed Forces Discipline Bill [H.L.], as amended in Committee in the House of Lords and printed on 16th December 1999.

Armed Forces Discipline Bill [H.L.]

1.Custody without charge.
2.Custody after charge.
3.Review of custody after charge.
4.Custody during court-martial proceedings.
5.Release from custody after charge or during proceedings.
6.Arrest during proceedings.
7.Judicial officers.
8.Custody rules.
9.Bail in proceedings for illegal absence.
10.Further amendments relating to custody.

Election for court-martial trial
11.Right to elect court-martial trial.
12.Limit on powers of courts-martial where accused elected court-martial trial.

Functions of prosecuting authority
13.Functions of prosecuting authority.

Summary appeal courts
14.Summary appeal courts.
15.Appointment of judge advocates.
16.Officers qualified for membership of summary appeal court.
17.Constitution of court for appeals.
18.Right of appeal.
19.Hearing of appeals.
20.Powers of court.
21.Making of, and appeals from, decisions of court.
23.Oaths required of members of court.
24.Privilege of witnesses and others.
25.Further amendments relating to summary appeal courts.

28.Short title and commencement.

    Schedule 1-Amendments of 1955 Acts and 1957 Act relating to custody.
    Schedule 2-Functions of prosecuting authority.
    Schedule 3-Amendments of 1955 Acts and 1957 Act relating to summary appeal courts.
    Schedule 4-Repeals.

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Prepared 17 December 1999