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Removal etc. from register.     56. - (1) Each Council shall by rules determine circumstances in which, and the means by which-
    (a) a person may be removed from a part of the register, whether or not for a specified period;
    (b) a person who has been removed from a part of the register may be restored to that part;
    (c) a person's registration in a part of the register may be suspended for a specified period;
    (d) the suspension of a person's registration in a part of the register may be terminated;
    (e) an entry in the register may be removed, altered or restored.
      (2) The rules shall make provision as to the procedure to be followed, and the rules of evidence to be observed, in proceedings brought for the purposes of the rules, whether before the Council or any committee of the Council.
      (3) The rules shall provide for such proceedings to be in public except in such cases (if any) as the rules may specify.
      (4) Where a person's registration in a part of the register is suspended under subsection (1)(c), he shall be treated as not being registered in that part notwithstanding that his name still appears in it.
Rules about registration.     57. - (1) A Council may by rules make provision-
    (a) as to the keeping of the register;
    (b) as to the documentary and other evidence to be produced, and the fees to be paid, by those applying for registration or for additional qualifications to be recorded, or for any entry in the register to be altered or restored;
    (c) for a person's registration to remain effective without limitation of time (subject to removal from the register in accordance with rules made by virtue of section 56) or to lapse after a specified period or in specified cases, or to be subject to renewal as and when provided by the rules.
      (2) A Council may also make rules requiring persons registered under this Part to pay an annual fee to the Council of such amount, and at such a time, as the rules may specify.
Use of title "social worker" etc.     58. - (1) If a person, with intent to deceive another-
    (a) takes or uses the title of social worker;
    (b) takes or uses any title or description implying that he is registered in the part of a register maintained by a Council relating to persons engaged in relevant social work; or
    (c) in any way holds himself out as registered in that part of such a register,
  when he is not registered in that part of a register maintained by either of the Councils, he is guilty of an offence.
      (2) A person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.
Codes of practice
Codes of practice.     59. - (1) Each Council shall prepare and from time to time publish codes of practice laying down standards of conduct and practice expected of social care workers.
      (2) The Council shall-
    (a) keep the codes under review; and
    (b) vary their provisions whenever it considers it appropriate to do so.
      (3) Before issuing or varying a code, a Council shall consult any persons it considers appropriate to consult.
      (4) Where any person is alleged to have failed to comply with any provision of a code published by a Council, that allegation may be taken into account-
    (a) by the Council in making a decision under this Part; and
    (b) in any proceedings on an appeal against such a decision.
      (5) The appropriate Minister may direct any local authority to take such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that social care workers employed by it comply with the codes.
      (6) Any person who asks a Council for a copy of a code shall be entitled to have one on payment of such fee as the Council may determine.
      (7) Subsection (6) is not to be taken as preventing a Council from providing copies of a code free of charge whenever it considers it appropriate.
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Prepared 19 January 2000