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     1. The Elected Authorities (Northern Ireland) Act 1989 is amended as follows.
Registration of electors
     2. In section 1 (local electors in Northern Ireland), for subsections (1) and (2) substitute-
    "(1) A person is entitled to vote as an elector at a local election in any district electoral area if on the date of the poll he-
    (a) is registered in the register of local electors for that area;
    (b) is not subject to any legal incapacity to vote (age apart);
    (c) is a Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or a relevant citizen of the Union, and
    (d) is of the age of eighteen or over."
Application of provisions of 1983 Act
     3. - (1) Part I of Schedule 1 (application of provisions of 1983 Act) is amended as follows.
      (2) After the entry relating to section 3(1) and (2) insert-
  " Section 3A(1) and (4) to (7) (disfranchisement of offenders detained in mental hospitals)."
      (3) For the entry relating to section 4(2) substitute-
    "Section 4(2) to (6) (entitlement to be registered)."
      (4) For the entry relating to sections 5 to 7 substitute-
  " Sections 5 and 6 (residence (general) and residence of merchant seamen).
  Sections 7 to 7C (residence of mental patients, and of persons remanded in custody, and declarations of local connection)."
      (5) For the entry relating to sections 9 to 13 substitute-
  " Sections 9, 10, 10A and 13 to 13B (preparation, publication and alteration of registers)."
      (6) For the entry beginning "Section 53" substitute-
  " Section 53 and, in Schedule 2, paragraphs 1(2) to (5), 3, 3A, 4 to 11A and 13 (regulations as to registration)."
      (7) After the entry beginning "Section 56(1)" insert-
  " Section 58(2) (registration appeals: Northern Ireland)."
      (8) After the entry relating to section 62 insert-
  " Section 180A (evidence by certificate of electoral registration)."
      (9) In the entry beginning "Section 201", for "the definition of "prescribed"" substitute "the definitions of "dwelling", "prescribed" and "qualifying address"".
Modification of provisions of 1983 Act
     4. - (1) Part II of Schedule 1 (modification of provisions of the 1983 Act) is amended as follows.
      (2) For paragraph 7 substitute-
    "7. - (1) In section 4(2)-
    (a) for "parliamentary electors for any constituency" substitute "local electors for any district electoral area"; and
    (b) for "subsection (1) above," substitute "subsection (3) below,".
      (2) In section 4(4)(a), the reference to any enactment includes an enactment comprised in Northern Ireland legislation.
  7A. In section 7B references to the United Kingdom are to be read as references to Northern Ireland."
      (3) Paragraphs 9 to 11 shall be omitted.
      (4) For paragraph 14 (a) and (b) substitute-
    "(a) in subsection (1)(a) omit the words from "and any special lists" to the end,
    (b) for subsection (1)(b) substitute-
      "(b) with respect to-
      (i) the procedure to be followed in the preparation of the register, and
      (ii) the place and manner of its publication; and;"
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Prepared 1 March 2000