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Care Councils.     50. - (1) There shall be-
    (a) a body corporate to be known as the General Social Care Council (referred to in this Act as "the English Council"); and
    (b) a body corporate to be known as the Care Council for Wales or Cyngor Gofal Cymru (referred to in this Act as "the Welsh Council"),
  which shall have the functions conferred on them by or under this Act or any other enactment.
      (2) It shall be the duty of the English Council to promote in relation to England-
    (a) high standards of conduct and practice among social care workers; and
    (b) high standards in their training.
      (3) It shall be the duty of the Welsh Council to promote in relation to Wales-
    (a) high standards of conduct and practice among social care workers; and
    (b) high standards in their training.
      (4) Each Council shall, in the exercise of its functions, act-
    (a) in accordance with any directions given to it by the appropriate Minister; and
    (b) under the general guidance of the appropriate Minister.
      (5) Directions under subsection (4) shall be given in writing.
      (6) Schedule 1 shall have effect with respect to a Council.
      (7) In this Act, references to a Council are-
    (a) in relation to England, a reference to the General Social Care Council,
    (b) in relation to Wales, a reference to the Care Council for Wales.
Interpretation.     51. - (1) This section has effect for the purposes of this Part.
      (2) "Social care worker" means a person (other than a person excepted by regulations) who-
    (a) engages in relevant social work (referred to in this Part as a "social worker");
    (b) is employed at a children's home or care home or for the purposes of an agency; or
    (c) is supplied by a domiciliary care agency to provide personal care in their own homes for persons who by reason of illness, infirmity or disability are unable to provide it for themselves without assistance.
      (3) Regulations may provide that persons of any of the following descriptions shall be treated as social care workers-
    (a) a person engaged in work for the purposes of a local authority's social services functions;
    (b) a person engaged in the provision of personal care for any person;
    (c) a person engaged in the provision of relevant services (within the meaning of section 39);
    (d) a person employed in connection with the discharge of functions of the appropriate Minister under section 80 of the 1989 Act (inspection of children's homes etc.);
    (e) a person employed in a day centre.
      (4) "Relevant social work" means social work which is required in connection with any health, education or social services provided by any person.
      (5) An establishment is a day centre if it provides nursing or personal care wholly or mainly for persons mentioned in section 3(2), but does not provide accommodation for them.
The register.     52. - (1) Each Council shall maintain a register of-
    (a) social workers; and
    (b) social care workers of any other description specified by the appropriate Minister by order.
      (2) There shall be a separate part of the register for social workers and for each description of social care workers so specified.
      (3) The appropriate Minister may by order provide for a specified part of the register to be closed, as from a date specified by the order, so that on or after that date no further persons can become registered in that part.
      (4) The appropriate Minister shall consult the Council before making, varying or revoking any order under this section.
Applications for registration.     53. - (1) An application for registration under this Part shall be made to the Council in accordance with rules made by it.
      (2) An application under subsection (1) shall specify the part of the register in which registration is sought and such other matters as may be required by the rules.
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Prepared 29 March 2000