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Freedom of Information Bill -
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Here you can browse the Amendments to the Freedom of Information Bill to be moved in Committeein the House of Lords.

After Clause 18
     Insert the following new Clause-- 
     .--(1)  A public authority to which this section applies shall maintain a list identifying any manuals, instructions, precedents, guidelines or similar materials used by it in connection with the performance of such of its functions as affect, or are likely to affect, the rights, privileges or other benefits, or obligations, penalties or other detriments, to which persons are or may become entitled, eligible, liable or subject.
    (2)  A public authority to which this section applies shall ensure that the list referred to in subsection (1) and a copy of every item which has been included in the list--
    (a)  is available for inspection by any person at the offices of the public authority;
    (b)  is supplied on request to any person on payment of a fee which may not exceed the marginal cost of making a copy of the item and posting (or otherwise supplying) it to that person; and
    (c)  is available on the Internet.
    (3)  A public authority is not required by this section to make available any exempt information unless the public interest in disclosure of that information outweighs the public interest in maintaining the exemption.
    (4)  The public authorities to which this section applies are--
    (a)  any public authority in respect of which an investigation may be made by--
          (i)  the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration;
          (ii)  the Welsh Administration Ombudsman;
          (iii)  the Assembly Ombudsman for Northern Ireland;
          (iv)  a local authority; and
    (b)  any other public authority which has been notified in writing by the Information Commissioner that it is subject to the provisions of this section.")
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