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Transport Bill -
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Here you can browse the Amendments to the Transport Bill to be moved in Grand Committee in the House of Lords.

Schedule 10
     Page 202, line 42, at end insert--
    ("(  )  The Director may at any time decide not to consider, or further consider, an application made under paragraph 3 if--
    (a)  he is of the opinion that he has not been provided with sufficient information to do so by the person or persons by whom the application was made, or
    (b)  sub-paragraph (1) or (2) has not been complied with.")
     Page 203, line 38, leave out paragraph 9 
     Page 205, line 7, at end insert-- 
     .--(1)  No information which--
    (a)  has been obtained by the Director in connection with his functions under this Schedule, and
    (b)  relates to the affairs of any individual or to any particular business,
is to be disclosed during the lifetime of that individual or while that business continues to be carried on, unless the condition mentioned in sub-paragraph (2) is satisfied.
    (2)  The condition is that consent to the disclosure has been obtained from--
    (a)  the person from whom the information was obtained, and
    (b)  if different, the individual to whose affairs the information relates or the person for the time being carrying on the business to which the information relates.
    (3)  Sub-paragraph (1) does not apply to a disclosure of information--
    (a)  made for the purpose of facilitating the performance of any function of the Director, a traffic commissioner or the Rail Regulator,
    (b)  made for the purpose of facilitating the performance of any function of the European Commission in respect of Community law about competition,
    (c)  made for the purpose of criminal proceedings in any part of the United Kingdom or in connection with the investigation of a criminal offence triable in any part of the United Kingdom, or
    (d)  made in compliance with the order of a court or tribunal.
    (4)  If information is disclosed to the public in circumstances in which the disclosure does not contravene sub-paragraph (1), that sub-paragraph does not prevent its further disclosure by any person.
    (5)  A person who contravenes this paragraph is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.")
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