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Psychotherapy Bill [H.L.]

This is the Psychotherapy Bill [H.L.], as introduced in the House of Lords on 18th May 2000.

Psychotherapy Bill [H.L.]

General Council and its committees
1.The General Psychotherapy Council and its committees.

Registration of psychotherapists
2.The Registrar of Psychotherapists.
3.Full registration.
4.Conditional registration.
5.Provisional registration.
6.Registration: supplemental provision.
7.Suspension of registration.
8.Restoration to the register of psychotherapists who have been struck off.
9.Access to the register etc.
10.Fraud or error in relation to registration.

Professional education
11.The Education Committee.
13.The standard of proficiency.
14.Recognition of qualifications.
15.Recognition of qualifications: supplemental.
16.Withdrawal of recognition.
17.Post-registration training.
18.Information to be given by institutions.

Professional conduct and fitness to practise
19.The Code of Practice.
20.Professional conduct and fitness to practise.
21.Interim suspension powers of the Investigating Committee.
22.Consideration of allegations by the Professional Conduct Committee.
23.Consideration of allegations by the Health Committee.
24.Interim suspension powers of the Professional Conduct Committee and the Health Committee.
25.Revocation of interim suspension orders.
26.Investigation of allegations: procedural rules.
27.Legal assessors.
28.Medical assessors.

29.Appeals against decisions of the Registrar.
30.Appeals against decisions of the Health Committee.
31.Appeals against decisions of the Professional Conduct Committee and appeal tribunals.


Monopolies and competition
33.Competition and anti-competitive practices.

34.Default powers of the Privy Council.
36.Exercise of powers of Privy Council.
37.Professional indemnity insurance.
38.Data protection and access to personal health information.
39.Exemption from provisions about rehabilitation of offenders.
40.Financial provisions.
41.Power to modify Act by Order in Council.

43.Short title, commencement, transitional provisions and extent.

    The General Council and Committees.-
    Part I-The General Council.
    Part II-The Statutory Committees.
    Part III-Transitional Provisions.

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