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Amendments to the Divorce (Religious Marriages) Bill [H.L.]

Divorce (Religious Marriages) Bill [H.L.] -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Amendments to the Divorce (Religious Marriages) Bill [H.L.] to be moved in Committee in the House of Lords.

Clause 1
     Page 1, leave out lines 14 to 18 and insert--
    ("(2)  On the application of the party to the marriage described in subsection (2A) or (2B), the Court may order that a decree of divorce is not to be made absolute until a declaration has been made by the other spouse that such steps as are required to dissolve the marriage in accordance with those usages have been taken by that other spouse.")
     Page 1, line 18, at end insert--
    ("(2A)  A husband may make such an application when he himself has irrevocably taken all of the steps required of him by the appropriate ecclesiastical authorities to grant a religious divorce to his wife.
    (2B)  A wife may make such an application when she herself has notified the appropriate ecclesiastical authorities that she is irrevocably willing to accept a religious divorce from her husband and, if so required, has delegated a person to receive the bill of religious divorcement on her behalf.
    (2C)  In this section the "appropriate ecclesiastical authorities" are the ecclesiastical authorities under whose auspices the parties were married, or those having jurisdiction over any place of worship at which the parties normally attend, or any such authority (including an ecclesiastical authority jointly nominated by the parties to dissolve the marriage) which may be prepared to accept jurisdiction in accordance with the aforesaid usages.")
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