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Amendments to the Royal Parks (Trading) Bill.

Royal Parks (Trading) Bill. -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords

Here you can browse the Amendment to the Royal Parks (Trading) Bill. to be moved in Committee in the House of Lords.

After Clause 6
     Insert the following new Clause-- 
     ("  .--(1)  The Secretary of State shall review and prepare a report on the operation of this Act.
    (2)  In reviewing the operation of this Act the Secretary of State shall consult persons appearing to him to represent the users of royal parks and such other persons as he considers appropriate.
    (3)  The report shall contain details of--
    (a)  the number of--
          (i)  prosecutions, and
          (ii)  convictions,
 for park trading offences; 
    (b)  the effect of this Act on trading within royal parks; and
    (c)  the cost of enforcing the law relating to park trading offences.
    (4)  The Secretary of State shall lay the report before each House of Parliament no later than eighteen months after the day on which this Act is passed.")
Review of Act.
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