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Recoupment of losses on wrongly paid money orders.     113. - (1) Subsection (2) applies where-
    (a) a money order issued by the Post Office company or a foreign postal administration has been delivered for collection to a banker, and
    (b) the Post Office company has paid the order to the banker when it should not have done so.
      (2) The sum paid may be deducted from sums subsequently falling to be paid by the Post Office company to the banker by way of payment of money orders so issued which have been delivered to the banker for collection.
Special arrangements with other countries or territories.     114. - (1) References in sections 111 (other than subsection (4)), 112 and 113 to money orders issued by the Post Office company shall be construed as including references to special money orders issued by that company.
      (2) For the purposes of subsection (1) special money orders are orders for the payment of money in the United Kingdom which are issued by the Post Office company in pursuance of an arrangement made with a government or postal administration of any other country or territory for the transmission, by means of orders for the payment of money, of sums of money through post offices under the charge of the Post Office company and the postal administration of the other country or territory.
      (3) The reference in section 112(2)(b) to money orders shall be construed as including a reference to orders for the payment of money issued in pursuance of an arrangement of the kind mentioned in subsection (2) above by the postal administration of the other country or territory.
Extension of existing powers relating to the Post Office.     115. - (1) In section 7(2) of the Post Office Act 1969 (powers of the Post Office) after paragraph (r) there shall be inserted-
    "(s) to enter into any form of financial transaction which it considers to be expedient and which does not fall within any of the preceding paragraphs;".
      (2) After section 37(1) of that Act (loans by the Secretary of State to the Post Office) there shall be inserted-
    "(1A) The Secretary of State may, with the approval of the Treasury, make loans to any subsidiary of the Post Office."
      (3) After section 37(2) of that Act there shall be inserted-
    "(2A) The power of the Secretary of State to make loans under this section includes power to make loans in currencies other than sterling."
      (4) After section 37(3) of that Act (power to issue sums out of the National Loans Fund) there shall be inserted-
    "(3A) Such sums may be issued in sterling or, where the loan is to be in a currency other than sterling, in that currency or in sterling."
      (5) In section 73 of the British Telecommunications Act 1981 (borrowing powers of the Post Office etc), in subsection (1)(a) and (2)(a), after "sterling" there shall, in each case, be inserted "or a currency other than sterling".
      (6) In section 74(2) of that Act (limit of indebtedness of the Post Office and its subsidiaries)-
    (a) after sub-paragraph (i) there shall be inserted-
      "(ia) money borrowed by any other subsidiary of the Post Office under section 37(1A) of the 1969 Act;",
    (b) for "£1,200 million" there shall be substituted "£5,000 million", and
    (c) the words ", not exceeding £1,700 million," shall be repealed.
The Postcode Address File.     116. - (1) The owner for the time being of the Postcode Address File shall-
    (a) maintain the File, and
    (b) make the File available to any person who wishes to use it on such terms as are reasonable.
      (2) Compliance with subsection (1) shall be enforceable by civil proceedings brought by the Commission for an injunction or for interdict or for any other appropriate relief or remedy.
      (3) In this section-
    "the Postcode Address File" means-
      (a) the collection of relevant information which, immediately before the coming into force of this section, was owned by the Post Office, or
      (b) that collection as it is from time to time revised, and
    "relevant information" means postcodes in the United Kingdom which may be used to facilitate the identification of delivery points for the purpose of providing postal services.
      (4) The terms which may be imposed under subsection (1)(b) include terms as to the payment of such fee (if any) as the owner considers appropriate.
Records of the former Postmaster General's department.     117. - (1) The Secretary of State may by order vest in the Post Office company such records of the department of the Postmaster General as-
    (a) belong to Her Majesty in right of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom, and
    (b) are specified in or described by the order.
      (2) The Secretary of State may give such directions to the Post Office company as he considers appropriate for ensuring that any records so transferred to the Post Office company are available to the Crown for inspection and copying.
General restrictions on disclosure of information.     118. Schedule 7 (which makes provision about disclosure of information) shall have effect.
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Prepared 16 June 2000