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Before Schedule 8
457     [Withdrawn] 
457A     Insert the following new Schedule-- 
     1.  In each provision specified in relation to each of the Acts set out below, for "the Nature Conservancy Council for England" or, as the case may be, "Nature Conservancy Council for England" there is substituted "English Nature"-- 
    (a)  the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949: section 15A (meaning of "Nature Conservancy Council");
12, 13 & 14 Geo. 6, c.97.
    (b)  the Sea Fisheries Regulation Act 1966: in section 5A (byelaws under section 5 for marine environmental purposes), subsection (3)(a);
1966 c. 38.
    (c)  the Countryside Act 1968--
          (i)  in section 15 (areas of special scientific interest), subsection (6A), and
          (ii)  section 37 (protection for interests in countryside);
1968 c. 41.
    (d)  the Conservation of Seals Act 1970: in section 10 (power to grant licences to kill or take seals), subsection (5);
1970 c. 30.
    (e)  the Import of Live Fish (England and Wales) Act 1980: in section 1 (power to limit the import etc. of fish and fish eggs), subsection (2);
1980 c. 27.
    (f)  the Highways Act 1980: in section 105B (procedure relating to environmental impact assessments), in subsection (8), paragraph (b) of the definition of "the consultation bodies";
1980 c. 66.
    (g)  the Animal Health Act 1981: in section 21 (destruction of wild life on infection other than rabies), subsection (9);
1981 c. 22.
    (h)  the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981--
          (i)  in section 27 (interpretation of Part I), subsection (3A),
          (ii)  in section 27A (construction of references to Nature Conservancy Council), paragraph (a), and
          (iii)  in section 52 (interpretation of Part II), subsection (1);
1981 c. 69.
    (i)  the Inheritance Tax Act 1984: Schedule 3 (bodies receiving gifts for national purposes etc.);
1984 c. 51.
    (j)  the Agriculture Act 1986: in section 18 (designation and management of environmentally sensitive areas), subsection (2)(a);
1986 c. 49.
    (k)  the Channel Tunnel Act 1987--
          (i)  in Schedule 2, Part II (regulation of scheduled works), paragraph 5(3), and
          (ii)  in Schedule 3 (planning permission), paragraph 17(4)(a);
1987 c. 53.
    (l)  the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Act 1988--
          (i)  in section 1 (the Broads Authority), subsection (3)(b),
          (ii)  in section 4 (conservation of areas of natural beauty), subsections (3)(a) and (5)(a),
          (iii)  in section 5 (notification of certain operations within the Broads), subsection (4), and
          (iv)  in Schedule 3 (functions of Broads Authority), paragraph 33(1)(c);
1988 c. 4.
    (m)  the Electricity Act 1989: in Schedule 9 (preservation of amenities and fisheries), paragraph 2(2)(a);
1989 c. 29.
    (n)  the Environmental Protection Act 1990--
          (i)  in section 36 (grant of waste management licences), subsection (7), and
          (ii)  in section 128 (creation and constitution of the Nature Conservancy Council for England and the Countryside Council for Wales), subsections (1) and (2)(a);
1990 c. 43.
    (o)  the Deer Act 1991: in section 8 (licences for exemptions from sections 2 to 4 of the Act), subsections (1) and (4);
1991 c. 54.
    (p)  the Water Industry Act 1991--
          (i)  in section 4 (environmental duties with respect to sites of special interest), subsections (1) and (4),
          (ii)  in section 5 (codes of practice with respect to environmental and recreational duties), subsection (4)(b), and
          (iii)  in section 156 (restrictions on disposals of land), subsection (4)(c)(i);
1991 c. 56.
    (q)  the Land Drainage Act 1991--
          (i)  in section 61C (duties with respect to sites of special scientific interest), subsections (1) and (4), and
          (ii)  in section 61E (codes of practice), subsection (4)(b);
1991 c. 59.
    (r)  the Transport and Works Act 1992: in section 6 (applications for orders relating to railways, tramways, inland waterways, etc.), subsection (7)(e);
1992 c. 42.
    (s)  the Protection of Badgers Act 1992: in section 10 (licences to do otherwise prohibited acts relating to badgers), subsection (4)(a);
1992 c. 51.
    (t)  the Environment Act 1995--
          (i)  in section 8 (environmental duties with respect to sites of special interest), subsections (1) and (4),
          (ii)  in section 9 (codes of practice with respect to environmental and recreational duties), subsection (3)(b),
          (iii)  in section 66 (national park management plans), subsection (7)(a), and
          (iv)  in section 99 (consultation required before making or modifying certain subordinate legislation for England), subsection (2)(c);
1995 c. 25.
    (u)  the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996--
          (i)  in Schedule 6 (planning conditions), paragraph 27(4), and
          (ii)  in Schedule 14 (overhead lines: consent), paragraph 7(4); and
1996 c. 61.
    (v)  the Greater London Authority Act 1999: in section 352 (the Mayor's biodiversity action plan), subsection (3)(a).
    2.  In the following enactments, the entry for the Nature Conservancy Council for England is omitted, and in the appropriate place there is inserted "English Nature"--
1999 c. 29.
    (a)  the Public Records Act 1958: in Schedule 1 (definition of public records), Part II of the Table in paragraph 3;
6 & 7 Eliz. 2,
c. 51.
    (b)  the Superannuation Act 1965: in section 39 (meaning of "public office"), paragraph 7 of subsection (1); and
1965 c. 74.
    (c)  the Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1967: Schedule 2 (departments etc. subject to investigation).
1967 c. 13.
     3.  In Part III of Schedule 1 to the House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975 (which sets out offices the holders of which are disqualified from membership of the House of Commons), the entry for "Any member of the Nature Conservancy Council for England or the Countryside Council for Wales in receipt of remuneration" is omitted, and in the appropriate places there are inserted the following two entries--
    Any member of the Countryside Council for Wales in receipt of remuneration."
    Any member of English Nature in receipt of remuneration.".")
1975 c. 24.
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