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Guarantees under section 31.     32. - (1) This section applies to a guarantee given under section 31.
      (2) Immediately after a guarantee is given the Secretary of State must lay a statement of it before each House of Parliament.
      (3) If a sum is paid out for fulfilling a guarantee, as soon as possible after the end of each relevant financial year the Secretary of State must lay a statement relating to the sum before each House of Parliament.
      (4) If any sums are paid out for fulfilling a guarantee the borrowing company must make to the Secretary of State at such times and in such manner as may be specified in directions given by him from time to time-
    (a) payments of such amounts as he may specify in such directions in or towards repayment of the sums paid out, and
    (b) payments of interest at such rate as he may specify in such directions on what is outstanding in respect of sums paid out.
      (5) Subsection (4) does not prejudice any provision applied in relation to the borrowing company by Schedule 1.
      (6) A direction under this section requires the Treasury's consent.
      (7) Relevant financial years are financial years starting with that in which the sum is paid out and ending with that in which all liability in respect of the principal of the sum and interest on it is finally discharged.
      (8) The borrowing company is the company which borrowed the sums in respect of which the guarantee was given.
Northern Ireland.     33. Schedule 3 contains provisions relating to Northern Ireland.
Investigations.     34. - (1) The CAA must investigate an alleged or apprehended contravention of a section 8 duty or of a condition of a licence if the alleged or apprehended contravention is the subject of a representation made to the CAA by or on behalf of a person who appears to it to have an interest in the matter.
      (2) But this does not apply if the representation appears to the CAA to be frivolous or vexatious.
      (3) A section 8 duty is a duty imposed on a licence holder by section 8.
Register.     35. - (1) The CAA must compile and maintain a register for the purposes of this Chapter.
      (2) The register must be kept at such premises and in such form as the CAA decides.
      (3) The CAA must cause these matters to be entered in the register-
    (a) the provisions of every exemption;
    (b) the provisions of every licence;
    (c) every modification of the conditions of a licence;
    (d) every revocation or surrender of a licence;
    (e) the provisions of every requirement or determination made or direction, consent or approval given under a licence;
    (f) the terms of every notice given under section 9;
    (g) the terms of every final or provisional order made under section 20, every revocation of such an order, and every notice under section 22(10) or (11).
      (4) The duty in subsection (3) does not extend to anything of which the CAA is unaware.
      (5) So far as practicable the CAA must secure the exclusion from the register of any matter relating to the affairs of a person if the CAA thinks its inclusion would or might seriously and prejudicially affect the person's interests.
      (6) If the Secretary of State thinks that entry of anything in the register would be against the public interest or any person's commercial interests, he may give a direction to the CAA requiring the CAA not to enter it.
      (7) The CAA must secure that the contents of the register are available for inspection by the public during such hours as may be specified in an order made by the Secretary of State.
      (8) If requested by any person to do so the CAA must supply him with a copy (certified to be true) of the register or of an extract from it.
      (9) But subsection (8) does not apply if a charge required by a scheme or regulations made under section 11 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 is not paid.
Land.     36. Schedule 4 gives licence holders powers in relation to land.
Licence holders as statutory undertakers.     37. Schedule 5 contains provisions treating licence holders as statutory undertakers.
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