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Amendments to the Limited Liability Partnerships Bill [H.L.]

Limited Liability Partnerships Bill [H.L.] -
Amendments to be debated in the House of Lords




[The page and line refer to Bill 108 as first printed for the Commons.]

Clause 7
1     Page 4, line 19, leave out from ("partnership") to end of line 21 and insert--
    ("(3)  But subsection (2) does not affect any right to receive an amount from the limited liability partnership in that event.")
Clause 17
2     Page 11, line 4, after ("in") insert ("or made under") 
3     Page 11, line 7, after ("in") insert ("or made under") 
Clause 19
4     Page 12, line 18, leave out subsection (6) 
In the Schedule
5     Page 15, line 15, leave out ("incorporated as a limited liability partnership with that name,") and insert ("a limited liability partnership or oversea limited liability partnership,") 
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Prepared 30 June 2000