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Transport Bill -
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Here you can browse the Amendments to the Transport Bill to be moved on Report in the House of Lords.

After Clause 94
     Insert the following new Clause--
    ("  .--(1)  The Secretary of State shall take steps to ensure that within six years of the passing of this Act a person shall, on a commercial basis and in a rural or urban environment, be able to determine reliably--
    (a)  his position in the United Kingdom to within 10 metres, and
    (b)  the time to within ten nanoseconds.
    (2)  Nothing in this section shall require the Secretary of State to provide the services mentioned in subsection (1).")
Determination of position and time within the United Kingdom.
Clause 206
     Page 121, line 17, at end insert--
    ("(  )  In considering any proposals relating to or that may affect the carriage of goods by rail, the Authority shall consult all such persons--
    (a)  providing services for the carriage of goods by rail, and
    (b)  having any other interest in the carriage of goods by rail,
as appear to it to be appropriate.")
After Clause 255
     Insert the following new Clause--
    ("  .  In the Road Traffic Act 1988, after section 41 insert--
 <~et>Compulsory goods vehicle weighing scheme.     41ZA.--(1)  The Secretary of State may make regulations requiring the weighing of any goods vehicle using a major road freight facility, port or premises and the provision of a weight report to the driver of the vehicle.
    (2)  In particular regulations made under subsection (1) may make provision with respect to--
    (a)  the method of weighing such goods vehicles;
    (b)  the form and contents of the weight report;
    (c)  the number of such reports that must be provided to the driver;
    (d)  the driver signing and returning a prescribed number of such reports to the operator of the facility;
    (e)  the keeping of copies of such reports by the operator of the facility; and
    (f)  the production of such copies by the operator on the request of prescribed public authorities.
    (3)  A weight report provided in accordance with regulations made under this section may be produced in evidence in any proceedings for an offence under this Part relating to the weight of a goods vehicle.
    (4)  In this section "major road freight facility, port or premises" means any such facility, port or premises--
    (a)  having facilities for the carriage of goods by road, and
    (b)  having an annual throughput of more than 25,000 goods vehicles each exceeding 30,000 kilograms gross vehicle weight,
 or more than one such facility, port or premises where they are under common management, control or ownership, share a common access to the highway and together have that annual throughput.".")Compulsory goods vehicle weighing scheme.
1988 c. 52.
After Clause 257
     Insert the following new Clause--
    ("  .--(1)  The Secretary of State may by order implement a scheme for the charging of foreign lorries and large passenger vehicles on entering the UK. The scheme may apply different charges for different classes of vehicle.
    (2)  Before implementing a scheme under this section the Secretary of State shall consult UK local authorities, road haulage and passenger vehicle operators, the European Commission and any other bodies which appear appropriate.
    (3)  The effects of the scheme must be reviewed annually.
    (4)  No order may be made by the Secretary of State under this section unless a draft of the instrument containing it has been laid before, and approved by, a resolution of each House of Parliament.")
Powers to charge foreign goods vehicles and large passenger vehicles entering the UK.
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