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Provision for the protection of children
Provision for the protection of children     24. - (1) The Protection of Children Act 1999 ("the 1999 Act") shall have effect as if the Service were a child care organisation within the meaning of that Act.
      (2) Arrangements which the Service makes with an organisation under section 13(1) must provide that, before selecting an individual to be employed under the arrangements in a child care position, the organisation-
    (a) must ascertain whether the individual is included in any of the lists mentioned in section 7(1) of the 1999 Act, and
    (b) if he is included in any of those lists, must not select him for that employment.
      (3) Such arrangements must provide that, if at any time the organisation has power to refer a relevant individual to the Secretary of State under section 2 of the 1999 Act (inclusion in list on reference following disciplinary action etc.), the organisation must so refer him.
  In this subsection "relevant individual" means an individual who is or has been employed in a child care position under the arrangements.
      (4) In this section "child care position" and "employment" have the same meanings as in the 1999 Act.
Interpretation of Part I.     25. In this Part-
    "approved premises" means premises approved under section 9,
    "appropriate Minister" means the Lord Chancellor or the Secretary of State,
    "by virtue of" includes by or under,
    "organisation" includes a public body and a private or voluntary organisation,
    "prescribed" means prescribed by regulations,
    "regulations" means-
      (a) in Chapter I, regulations made by the Secretary of State,
      (b) in Chapter II, regulations made by the Lord Chancellor.
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Prepared 6 October 2000