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PART IV, RAILWAYS - continued
Functions of Franchising Director, Regulator and Board - continued

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Functions relating to Board's property.     218. - (1) Schedule 19 makes provision for the transfer to the Authority of other property, rights and liabilities of the Board.
      (2) Any property, rights and liabilities which are transferred to the Authority by virtue of Schedule 19 but are not required by the Authority for the discharge of any of its other functions shall be disposed of or otherwise dealt with by the Authority-
    (a) in accordance with directions given to it by the Secretary of State, and
    (b) subject to that, in the way which appears to the Authority most economic and efficient.
      (3) For the purposes of subsection (2) (and subject to directions given to it by the Secretary of State), the Authority may (in particular)-
    (a) retain and manage property,
    (b) develop land with a view to disposing of it, and
    (c) acquire land for the purpose of developing it with the land which it adjoins.
      (4) Section 207 does not apply to the functions in subsections (2) and (3).
Other powers
Power to make bye-laws.     219. - (1) The Authority may make bye-laws regulating-
    (a) the use and working of railway assets,
    (b) travel on or by means of railway assets,
    (c) the maintenance of order on railway assets, and
    (d) the conduct of persons while on railway assets.
      (2) The Authority may, in particular, make bye-laws-
    (a) with respect to tickets issued for entry on railway assets or travel by railway and the evasion of payment of fares or other charges,
    (b) with respect to interference with, or obstruction of, the working of any railway or any railway asset or the provision of any railway service,
    (c) prohibiting or restricting the smoking of tobacco in railway carriages and elsewhere,
    (d) with respect to the prevention of nuisance,
    (e) with respect to the receipt and delivery of goods, and
    (f) for regulating the passage of bicycles and other vehicles on footways and other premises intended for the use of those on foot.
      (3) Schedule 20 makes further provision about bye-laws under this section.
      (4) For the purposes of this section and that Schedule "railway assets" includes rolling stock other than trains (as well as what is specified in section 6(2) of the Railways Act 1993); and "operator", in relation to such rolling stock, means the person having management of the rolling stock for the time being.
Power to make transfer schemes.     220. Schedule 21 makes provision for the making of transfer schemes by the Authority.
Power to promote and oppose Bills.     221. The Authority-
    (a) may promote in Parliament Bills relating to railways, and
    (b) may oppose any Bill in Parliament.
Other incidental powers.     222. - (1) The Authority may do anything which it considers-
    (a) is necessary or appropriate for or for facilitating, or
    (b) is incidental or conducive to,
       the exercise of any of its functions.
      (2) In particular, the Authority may-
    (a) enter into agreements,
    (b) acquire or dispose of property,
    (c) invest money,
    (d) form bodies corporate or acquire or dispose of interests in bodies corporate, and
    (e) promote or assist in the promotion of publicity.
      (3) This section has effect subject to any provision of this Part, or of any other enactment, limiting the powers of the Authority.
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Prepared 3 November 2000