Countryside and Rights of Way Bill - continued        House of Lords

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  S C H E D U L E S

     1. Land on which the soil is being, or has at any time within the previous twelve months been, disturbed by any ploughing or drilling undertaken for the purposes of planting or sowing crops or trees.
     2. Land covered by buildings or the curtilage of such land.
     3. Land within 20 metres of a dwelling.
     4. Land used as a park or garden.
     5. Land used for the getting of minerals by surface working (including quarrying).
     6. Land used for the purposes of a railway (including a light railway) or tramway.
     7. Land used for the purposes of a golf course, racecourse or aerodrome.
     8. Land which does not fall within any of the preceding paragraphs and is covered by works used for the purposes of a statutory undertaking or a telecommunications code system, or the curtilage of any such land.
     9. Land as respects which development which will result in the land becoming land falling within any of paragraphs 2 to 8 is in the course of being carried out.
     10. Land covered by pens in use for the temporary reception or detention of livestock.
     11. Land habitually used for the training of racehorses.
     12. Land the use of which is regulated by byelaws under section 14 of the Military Lands Act 1892 or section 2 of the Military Lands Act 1900.
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Prepared 20 November 2000