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     1. - (1) The Speaker's Committee shall, at least once in each year, make to the House of Commons a report on the exercise by the Committee of their functions.
      (2) For the purposes of the law of defamation the publication of any matter by the Speaker's Committee in making such a report shall be absolutely privileged.
Term of office of Committee members
     2. - (1) In this paragraph "appointed member" means a member of the Speaker's Committee other than-
    (a) the Speaker of the House of Commons;
    (b) the member who is the Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons; or
    (c) the member who is the Secretary of State for the Home Department.
      (2) An appointed member shall cease to be a member of the Speaker's Committee if-
    (a) he ceases to be a Member of the House of Commons; or
    (b) another person is appointed to be a member of the Committee in his place.
      (3) An appointed member may resign from the Committee at any time by giving notice to the Speaker.
      (4) Subject to sub-paragraphs (2) and (3), an appointed member shall be a member of the Committee for the duration of the Parliament in which he is appointed.
      (5) An appointed member may be re-appointed (or further re-appointed) to membership of the Committee.
Committee proceedings
     3. - (1) The Speaker's Committee may determine their own procedure.
      (2) The validity of any proceedings of the Committee shall not be affected by-
    (a) any vacancy among, or
    (b) any defect in the appointment of any of,
  the members of the Committee.
      (3) The Committee may appoint a member of the Committee to act as chairman at any meeting of the Committee in the absence of the Speaker.
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Prepared 23 November 2000