Annual Report and Accounts 1999-2000


Changes in complement and grading
1 April 1999 to 31 March 2000

Increases in Permanent Posts

1 Clerk (Committee Office)

1 Assistant Clerk of the Records (Record Office)

1 HEO Accountant (Accountant's Office)

1 Computer IT Support Officer (Computer Office)

1 Executive Officer Supplies (Printed Paper Office)

1 Executive Officer (Office of the Official Report)

1 Executive Officer (Refreshment Department)

1 Assistant Librarian (Library)

2 Secretaries (Committee Office)

Increases in Temporary Posts

1 Senior Clerical Officer (Accountant's Office)

1 Senior Clerical Officer (Journal and Information Office)

Changes in Grading

Higher Personal Secretary to Higher Executive Officer (Committee Office)

Executive Officer to Assistant Librarian (Law Lords' Office)


- 6 Screen Correctors, Office of the Official Report

- 7 Typists, Office of the Official Report

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