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The Select Committee inquiries are public, and there are a number of ways to participate:

Writing in with Evidence
Each inquiry is based around a "Call for Evidence" which outlines the particular questions a Committee is interested in. All the evidence sent in is considered by the Committee, and it is usually published with the final report. You can find the current Calls for Evidence at Current inquiries and evidence invited Written evidence is best kept to one page in the first instance.

Suggesting a Topic for a New Inquiry
If you would like to suggest a topic to be investigated by a House of Lords Select Committee, you should contact the clerk of the Select Committee concerned. Lists of the different Select Committees and their recent reports are available at Full text of some Select Committee reports

Attending Hearings at the House of Lords
The Committee invites particular witnesses (experts, Ministers etc.) to answer questions in public. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe these hearings. To come to a hearing, you need to arrive at St Stephen’s entrance to the Houses of Parliament, and from there a policeman will direct you to the correct room. Times of hearings and the names of the witnesses to be examined are available at: Future Meetings of Committees open to the public

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