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Children's Mental Health: Staff Recruitment

Lord Dholakia asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath : Recruitment to the National Health Service is improving. There were more doctors, nurses and therapists in 1999 than in 1998. The provision of £16 million of targeted funding in 1999-2000 to improve "core" child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) is thought to have had a significant impact on the recruitment of professional staff in this field but national workforce statistics are not yet available. The funding last year was part of £90 million being provided over 3 years to improve staffing levels and the range and quality of CAMHS.

Lord Dholakia asked Her Majesty's Government:

13 Jul 2000 : Column WA46

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath : The national recruitment and retention strategy has resulted in more staff being recruited to the National Health Service. For example, the number of hospital medical staff in Child and Adolescent psychiatry increased by 3.7 per cent. between September 1998 and September 1999. The number of qualified nurses working in the NHS increased by over 5,500 between September 1998 and September 1999.

Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease in Leicestershire

Baroness Ashton of Upholland asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How many cases of variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease have been detected in Leicestershire since the National Surveillance programme for Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease began in 1990.[HL3363]

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath : We are currently aware of four confirmed cases and one probable case of variant Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease (vCJD) having occurred in Leicestershire. This compares with 75 known confirmed and probable cases of vCJD throughout the United Kingdom. Statistical experts advise it is unlikely that the higher number of cases in Leicestershire will have occurred by chance.

A locally based investigation is now under way to look into the circumstances of this apparent cluster. To that end, the Department of Health, through its Regional Office of the National Health Service Executive, will be working closely with the local health authority and its public health department as well as with experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the National CJD Surveillance Unit, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the Communicable Diseases Surveillance Centre of the Public Health Laboratory Service.

It is important to recognise that the cases we have identified will have been exposed to the infective agent many years ago. Control measures to protect public health from risk of exposure to bovine spongiform encephalopathy have been in place for many years and progressively strengthened over recent years, and the Government will continue to take whatever steps the experts recommend. The Food Standards Agency stands ready to assist with the investigation as necessary and will in particular wish to be satisfied that no new factor is involved in these cases which requires further action to ensure the safety of food.

Chemical Weapons Convention

Lord Judd asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Which states have signed but not yet ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention; and what action they are taking to persuade such states to ratify.[HL3061]

13 Jul 2000 : Column WA47

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Baroness Scotland of Asthal): The 37 states which have signed, but not yet ratified, the Chemical Weapons Convention, are as follows:


Cape Verde





Dem Rep of the Congo



Guinea Bissau




Sierra Leone













Dominica Rep






St Vincent

St Kitts/Nevis

Middle East





Marshall Is


(W) Samoa

The FCO, as a matter of policy, takes the opportunity, during all non-proliferation bilateral contacts, to encourage such states to ratify the CWC, particularly in regions of tension. We offer technical assistance from both the FCO and other government departments to encourage the speedy ratification and effective implementation of the convention.

Lord Judd asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Which states have not yet signed the Chemical Weapons Convention; and what action they are taking to persuade such states to sign and ratify.[HL3062]

13 Jul 2000 : Column WA48

Baroness Scotland of Asthal: The 20 states which have neither signed nor acceded to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) are as follows: Africa Angola Egypt Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Mozambique Sao Tome & Principe Somalia Asia DPR Korea Europe Andorra Middle East Iraq Lebanon Syria Americas Antigua & Barbuda Barbados Belize Australasia Kiribati Palau Solomon Is Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu

The FCO, as a matter of policy, takes the opportunity, during all non-proliferation bilateral contacts, to encourage such states to accede to the CWC, particularly in regions of tension. We offer technical assistance from both the FCO and other government departments to encourage the speedy accession and effective implementation of the convention.


Lord Judd asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What is their latest evaluation of the contribution made by the continued bombing of Iraq to a long-term viable political solution. [HL3088]

Baroness Scotland of Asthal: Government Ministers have made clear on many occasions that we are not conducting a bombing campaign against Iraq. Hostilities ended with the end of Operation Desert Fox in December 1998. We have no wish to see further confrontation.

Our aircraft continue to patrol the No Fly Zones over Iraq as they have done for the past nine years. Their presence stops Saddam Hussein from using his aircraft to attack his people, as he has done with such horrific consequences in the past. We are confident that our patrols stop Saddam from adding to his appalling human rights record.

13 Jul 2000 : Column WA49

When threatened by Iraqi forces, our aircraft respond in self-defence. There would be no bombing if Iraq ceased its attacks on them.

Armenian Massacre, 1915

Lord Walpole asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they are willing to recognise the killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire of 1915 as genocide within the definition of the United Nations Convention on the prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide; and, if not, why not. [HL3202]

Baroness Scotland of Asthal: The Government's position on this topic is well known and was discussed in the House of Lords on 14 April 1999. The British Government condemned the massacre of 1915-16 at the time and viewed the sufferings of the Armenian people then as a terrible tragedy. The current Government in no way dissents from that view. But in the absence of unequivocal evidence to show that the Ottoman administration took a specific decision to eliminate the Armenians, British Governments have not recognised the events of 1915-16 as genocide.

FCO Travel Advice Notices

Viscount Waverley asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will list (a) the countries for which there are travel advisories; and (b) the date on which each advisory came into effect and (c) the reason for each advisory. [HL3159]

Baroness Scotland of Asthal: FCO Travel Advice notices are designed to help British travellers avoid trouble abroad by providing clear, factual advice on current threats to personal safety. They draw on all the information and reporting we have on the country concerned. At present we issue notices for 163 countries. A list of these countries showing the date on which the notice came into effect is shown below. The full notices can be seen on the FCO website at:

CountryDate of Issue
Afghanistan04 July 2000
Albania12 June 2000
Algeria05 May 2000
Angola31 May 2000
Anguilla29 June 2000
Argentina3 July 2000
Armenia19 May 2000
Australia09 June 2000
Austria19 June 2000
Azerbaijan25 May 2000
Bahamas13 June 2000
Bahrain13 June 2000
Bangladesh16 June 2000
Belarus20 April 2000
Belgium28 June 2000
Belize10 May 2000
Benin24 Jan 2000
Bhutan23 May 2000
Bolivia02 May 2000
Bosnia and Herzegovina28 March 2000
Botswana03 March 2000
Brazil31 May 2000
Brunei13 June 2000
Bulgaria03 March 2000
Burkina Faso28 June 2000
Burma25 May 2000
Burundi17 May 2000
Cambodia15 May 2000
Cameroon07 June 2000
Central African Republic07 June 2000
Chad07 June 2000
Chile28 June 2000
China20 April 2000
Colombia27 June 2000
Comoros 5th July 2000
The Republic of the Congo22 March 2000
The Democratic Republic of the Congo30th June 2000
Costa Rica03 April 2000
Cote d'Ivoire06 July 2000
Croatia03 April 2000
Cuba07 July 2000
Czech Republic08 June 2000
Djibouti23 June 2000
Dominican Republic08 June 2000
East Timor09 March 2000
Equador10 April 2000
Egypt18 May 2000
El Salvador28 June 2000
Equatorial Guinea08 June 2000
Eritrea23 June 2000
Estonia23 March 2000
Ethiopia23rd June 2000
Fiji07 July 2000
France05 July 2000
Gabon07 June 2000
The Gambia06 June 2000
Georgia25 May 2000
Ghana02 June 2000
Greece08 June 2000
Guatemala16 May 2000
Guinea13 June 2000
Guinea Bissau13 June 2000
Guyana13 June 2000
Haiti17 May 2000
Honduras04 April 2000
Hong Kong and Macau31 May 2000
Hungary12 June 2000
Iceland23 June 2000
India19 June 2000
Indonesia12 June 2000
Iran31 March 2000
Iraq22 May 2000
Israel and the Palestinian Authority26 May 2000
Italy08 June 2000
Jamaica12 April 2000
Japan17 April 2000
Jordan30 March 2000
Kazakhstan17 March 2000
Kenya23 June 2000
Kiribati14 February 2000
Democratic People's Republic of Korea09 February 2000
Kuwait25 May 2000
Kyrgyzstan03 July 2000
Laos05 July 2000
Latvia09 June 2000
Lebanon02 June 2000
Lesotho19 June 2000
Liberia26 May 2000
Libya07 June 2000
Lithuania04 April 2000
Macedonia07 July 2000
Madagascar05 July 2000
Malawi08 June 2000
Malaysia24 May 2000
Maldives25 May 2000
Mali13 June 2000
Malta27 June 2000
Mauritius28 April 2000
Mexico29 June 2000
Moldova12 June 2000
Mongolia08 June 2000
Montserrat19 May 2000
Morocco26 May 2000
Mozambique27 April 2000
Namibia18 April 2000
Nepal15 May 2000
Netherlands09 June 2000
New Zealand05 July 2000
Nicaragua05 June 2000
Niger25 February 2000
Nigeria26 June 2000
Oman12 April 2000
Pakistan16 June 2000
Panama30 June 2000
Papua New Guinea19 June 2000
Peru26 June 2000
Philippines22 June 2000
Poland07 April 2000
Portugal16 June 2000
Qatar29 March 2000
Romania08 June 2000
Russia17 May 2000
Rwanda16 June 2000
Samoa15 March 2000
Saudi Arabia19 June 2000
Senegal13 June 2000
Seychelles29 March 2000
Sierra Leone28 June 2000
Singapore12 June 2000
Republic of Slovakia15 May 2000
Republic of Slovenia12 June 2000
Solomon Islands05 June 2000
Somalia25 May 2000
South Africa23 June 2000
Spain28 June 2000
Sri Lanka16 June 2000
Sudan16 May 2000
Swaziland17 April 2000
Syria19 June 2000
Taiwan13 June 2000
Tajikistan03 July 2000
Tanzania11 April 2000
Thailand05 July 2000
China (Tibet)25 May 2000
Togo09 June 2000
Trinidad and Tobago30 March 2000
Tunisia20 April 2000
Turkey09 June 2000
Turkmenistan03 July 2000
Turks and Caicos Islands26 May 2000
Uganda21 June 2000
Ukraine16 May 2000
United Arab Emirates25 May 2000
United States25 May 2000
Uruguay28 March 2000
Uzbekistan03 July 2000
Venezuela08 June 2000
Vietnam28 June 2000
Western Sahara19 June 2000
Yemen14 April 2000
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia (inc Kosovo) and Montenegro19 May 2000
Zambia26 April 2000
Zimbabwe07 July 2000

13 Jul 2000 : Column WA52

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