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Lord Bassam of Brighton moved Amendments Nos. 94 to 96:

    Page 107, line 31, after ("registered") insert ("in that register").

    Page 107, line 32, at end insert--

("( ) An application for registration in the Northern Ireland register must specify either--
(a) a name to be the party's registered name, or
(b) a name in Irish and a name in English to be the party's registered names.
( ) If a name to be registered in that register is in a language other than English or Irish, the application must include an English translation.").

On Question, amendments agreed to.

Lord Bach moved Amendment No. 97:

    Page 108, line 19, after ("name") insert ("of the accounting unit and").

The noble Lord said: This short amendment plugs a gap in the information to be included against a party's entry in the register of political parties. Where a party is a party with accounting units, the Bill already requires the party to provide the electoral commission with the name of the treasurer of each accounting unit together with the address of the unit's headquarters or, alternatively, an address to which communications may be sent. There is no requirement to give the name of each accounting unit.

Without that information a party's entry in the register of political parties will be difficult to follow, not least for the electoral commission which will have to manage the register. The amendment will ensure that sufficient particulars of a party's accounting units are properly recorded in the register so that each one can be readily identified by name. It is this Chamber performing its revising duty. I beg to move.

Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish : I cannot resist the temptation to say that I find it remarkable that all this time into the Bill the one thing the Government and the draftsmen have missed out is the name of the accounting unit. The poor old electoral commission would have many treasurers' names and addresses but no indication of the accounting unit responsible. If the Government can make an oversight such as that, is it not possible that they have made an oversight about the need to have another party official involved when the treasurer dies or resigns?

10 Oct 2000 : Column 317

Lord Bach: That is possible but not likely.

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Lord Bach moved Amendments Nos. 98 to 101:

    Page 108, line 38, leave out ("Paragraphs 9 and") and insert ("Paragraph").

    Page 108, line 42, leave out ("the following provisions of this Part of this Schedule") and insert ("paragraph 10").

    Page 109, leave out lines 1 to 10.

    Page 109, line 24, at end insert--


10A.--(1) Paragraphs 10B and 10C must be complied with in relation to an application under section (Notification of changes in party's officers etc.)(3)(a).
(2) In paragraphs 10B and 10C "an application" means an application under section (Notification of changes in party's officers etc.)(3)(a).
Details of replacement etc. officers
10B.--(1) If as a result of an application one person will be registered as leader, nominating officer and treasurer, the application must request the addition of the name of the holder of some other specified office in the party.
(2) If an application requests--
(a) the substitution of the name of a leader, nominating officer, treasurer or other officer, or
(b) an addition in accordance with sub-paragraph (1),
the application must give the home address of the person whose name is to be substituted or added.

10C.--(1) Subject to sub-paragraph (3), an application must be signed by--
(a) each person (other then the person to be registered in pursuance of the application) who is one of the responsible officers of the party; and
(b) the person who is to be so registered.
(2) For the purposes of this paragraph "the responsible officers" has the same meaning as in paragraph 10.
(3) If any such person as is mentioned in sub-paragraph (1)(a) is unable to sign an application--
(a) the holder of some other office in the party may sign in his place, and
(b) the application must include a statement of the reason why the person in question is unable to sign and a declaration that the holder of the other office is authorised to sign in his place.").

On Question, amendments agreed to.

Schedule 3, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 30 [Request by Secretary of State]:

Lord Bassam of Brighton moved Amendment No. 102:

    Page 18, line 15, after ("the") insert ("Great Britain or Northern Ireland").

10 Oct 2000 : Column 318

On Question, amendment agreed to.

[Amendments Nos. 103 to 107 had been withdrawn from the Marshalled List.]

Clause 30, as amended, agreed to.

On Question, Whether Clause 31 shall stand part of the Bill?

Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish: This is part of a group of amendments which contains Amendments Nos. 110 and 110A, which are government amendments. I know that it is late at night and this is complex. However, that is not my fault. Perhaps the Government might like to say a few words before I ask them a difficult question, or perhaps I shall ask the difficult question first.

Lord Bach: An arrangement has been reached, which I hope is satisfactory to all noble Lords, that before the Question regarding Clause 31 is put, we should consider ending proceedings for the day.

Lord Bassam of Brighton: Perhaps the noble Lord would like to ask his question.

Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish: This is the first time that the Government have asked me to ask one of my questions. I was so amused that I lost my point.

I am puzzled by Amendment No. 110, which refers to:

    "Transfer of registration of existing registered party".

I cannot find that in the Bill or in any of the amendments. I am totally and absolutely puzzled as to where we are being directed. The amendment refers us to a section or clause which, as far as I can see, does not appear in the Bill or in the amendments, nor does it appear afterwards. Perhaps I have missed something.

To be helpful to the Government, the other amendments in this group are drafting amendments. Deleting Clause 31 takes out the transitional arrangements. Can the Minister confirm that that means that all the political parties, including those already registered, will have to start again at the beginning as if they had never been registered? The transitional arrangements would have allowed a fairly seamless flow from one to the other. I may be wrong in that. I wondered whether that was the outcome of the deletion of the transitional arrangements and whether the reason for that is because we have introduced a second register in the Northern Ireland register. My main point, to which I hope the Minister has now managed to obtain some answers, concerns Amendment No. 110 and the words in italics.

Lord Bassam of Brighton: Amendment No. 110 will not be moved. It should have been withdrawn from the Marshalled List. But the bad news is that a whole group of amendments beginning with Amendment No. 110A--at least one amendment in that grouping

10 Oct 2000 : Column 319

is tabled in the name of the noble Lord, Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish--are part of the transitional arrangements. I understood that we were not going to debate those amendments this evening. I am happy simply to push them through and I hope the noble Lord is less puzzled now than he was.

10 Oct 2000 : Column 320

Clause 31 negatived.

Lord McIntosh of Haringey: My Lords, I beg to move that the House do now resume.

Moved accordingly, and, on Question, Motion agreed to.

House resumed.

        House adjourned at six minutes past midnight.

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