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Cuckney, Lord:

    Mirror Group Newspapers plc, Flotation Investigation, Question, [609] (31.1.2000) WA9,WA10.

Cultural Diversity:

    Network, Question, [614] (21.6.2000) WA29-30.

    Question, [610] (14.3.2000) WA199.

Cultural Property:

    Illicit Dealings, Question, [610] (29.2.2000) 448-50.

Culture Council, 23 November:

    Question, [607] (8.12.99) WA92-3.

Cumberlege, Baroness:

    Caesarian Sections, Question, [608] (14.12.99) 119.

    Maternity Services, Question, [608] (12.1.2000) 720-3.

    Maternity Units, Question, [613] (15.5.2000) 4-5.


      Local Policy Involvement, Question, [610] (7.3.2000) WA135.

    National Health Service:

      Trusts, Appointments, [610] (16.3.2000) 1683-4.

    Primary Care Groups, Midwife Representation, Question, [609] (3.2.2000) WA50.

Currie of Marylebone, Lord:

    Tribunals, Review, Question, [613] (18.5.2000) WA31.

Custodian of Enemy Property Palestine:

    Report, Question, [609] (17.2.2000) WA164.


    Question, [613] (16.5.2000) 176-7.

    UN Proximity Talks, Question, [609] (31.1.2000) WA11.


    Terms and Conditions of Employment, Question, [611] (23.3.2000) WA37.

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