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Nuclear Deterrent:

    Question, [608] (24.1.2000) WA168-9.

Nuclear Disarmament:

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty:

    Question, [611] (22.3.2000) WA29.

    Review, Question, [612] (12.4.2000) 188-90.

Nuclear Power Plants:

    Year 2000 Compliance, Question, [607] (22.11.99) 172-4.

Nuclear Safeguards Bill [H.L.]:

    1R*, [607] (18.11.99) 24; 2R and Committed to a Committee of the Whole House, (30.11.99) 775-89; Order of Commitment, Discharged, (9.12.99) 1418; Committee, [608] (13.12.99) CWH1-16; Report, (24.1.2000) 1344-51; 3R*, Passed and Sent to the Commons, [609] (3.2.2000) 351; Royal Assent, [613] (25.5.2000) 914.

Nuclear Safety:

    Departmental Responsibilities, Question, [608] (12.1.2000) WA121.

Nuclear Waste:

    Consultation Date, Question, [610] (16.3.2000) 1679-82.

    Consultation Paper, Question, [615] (11.7.2000) 123-5.

    Storage, Question, [610] (15.3.2000) WA207.

Nuclear Weapons:

    Convention, Question, [614] (26.6.2000) 619-21.

    Elimination, Question, [614] (6.7.2000) WA157.

    Question, [608] (11.1.2000) 523-4.

Nurse Recruitment:

    Question, [615] (11.7.2000) WA23-4.

Nursing and Care Home Residents:

    Diabetes-Screening, Question, [611] (30.3.2000) WA101.

Nursing Education and Practice:

    Motion (Baroness McFarlane of Llandaff), Withdrawn, [608] (26.1.2000) 1556-95.

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