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Mull of Kintyre Helicopter Crash:

    Crash, Question, [616] (24.7.2000) WA27-8.

    Questions, [615] (11.7.2000) WA21.

Multiple Immunisations:

    Gulf War Practice, Question, [608] (10.1.2000) WA70-1.

Multiple Sclerosis:

    Beta Interferon, Question, [615] (12.7.2000) 228-31.

    Question, [614] (3.7.2000) WA121.

Multi-storey Car Parks:

    Question, [608] (24.1.2000) WA165-6.

Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy:

    Question, [613] (15.5.2000) WA1.

Murders by Persons Previously Convicted of Homicide:

    Question, [612] (3.5.2000) WA180.

Murders of Royal Ulster Constabulary Officers:

    Question, [616] (28.7.2000) WA121.

Murray of Epping Forest, Lord:

    Children (Leaving Care) Bill [H.L.], 2R, [607] (7.12.99) 1176-9.

    Criminal Records Bureau Information Systems and Services, Question, [616] (24.7.2000) WA24.

    Debate on the Address, [607] (22.11.99) 241-3.

    Local Government Bill [H.L.], Committee, [609] (1.2.2000) 194-5.

Murton of Lindisfarne, Lord:

    Government Resources and Accounts Bill, Committee, [613] (12.6.2000) CWH54.

    Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Bill, Committee, [612] (11.5.2000) 1779.

    Terrorism Bill, Report, [614] (20.6.2000) 179.

    Utilities Bill, Committee, [613] (13.6.2000) 1535, 1552; 3R, [615] (11.7.2000) 160.

Museum of Army Transport, Beverley:

    Question, [614] (26.6.2000) WA52-3.


    Additional Funding, by Region, Question, [611] (21.3.2000) WA24-6.

    National Lottery Applications, Question, [611] (28.3.2000) WA66-7.

    Security Arrangements, Question, [610] (28.2.2000) WA54.

    VAT on National Lottery Grants, Question, [611] (28.3.2000) WA67-8.

Museums and Galleries:

    Funding and Entry Charges, Question, [608] (16.12.99) WA54.

    VAT, Motion (Lord Freyberg), Withdrawn, [611] (29.3.2000) 846-79.

Mutual Companies:

    Question, [614] (22.6.2000) 502-17.

Muvunyi, Tharcisse:

    Question, [609] (2.2.2000) 234-7.

Mycobacterium Bovis:

    Infections, Question, [613] (16.5.2000) WA15.

    Question, [613] (6.6.2000) WA153.

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