Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Third Report


Clause 18(4)Supplementary powers of the LSC Order
Clause 43(4)Supplementary powers of the CETW Order
Clause 50(1)(e)Extension of the remit of ALI Regulations
Clause 55(3)Action plans following an inspection by ALI Regulations
Clause 57(d)Extension of the remit of OFSTED Regulations
Clause 61(3)Action plans following and inspection by OFSTED Regulations
Clause 64(5)Action plans following and area inspection Regulations
Clause 68Conduct of joint inspections Regulations
Clause 71(1)(e)Extension of the remit of Her Majesty's Chief
Inspector of Education & Training in Wales
Clause 73(2)Frequency / cycle of inspections in Wales Regulations
Clause 76(3)Publication and distribution of action plans in Wales Regulations
Clause 79Provision of information to the Chief Inspector in Wales Regulations
Clause 89Specification of an authorised body: qualifications Regulations
Clause 93Qualifying accounts Regulations
Clause 94Payment of grant to holders of qualifying accounts Regulations
Clause 112 Incorporation of designated institutions and
powers of the new corporation
Clause 114Orders and regulations
Clause 116Commencement orders
Sch 7 Inadequate sixth forms Regulations
Amendments to existing delegated powers
Clause 96S16 Further and Higher Education Act 1992 Order
Clause 97S28 Further and Higher Education Act 1992 Order
Clause 109S19 Teaching and Higher Education Act 1998 Regulations
Sch 8 para 2S1(3) Education (Fees and Awards Act 1983) Regulations
Sch 8 para 6S22 Further and Higher Education Act 1992 Order
Sch 8 para 7S29 Further and Higher Education Act 1992 Order
Sch 8 para 10S57 Further and Higher Education Act 1992 Order
Sch 8 para 26S408 Further and Higher Education Act 1992 Regulations

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