Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Appendix A - Example Staff Taxi Policy

1. Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear details on the provision of staff taxis.

2. Booking Procedure

Where possible, staff should make use of appropriate Public Transport up to 11.00pm.

Taxis should be available for staff outside of these times.

A nominated official(s) should be appointed to carry out the following tasks during each session:

  • Accept taxi reservations from each member of staff & collect appropriate monies (if applicable);

  • Identify total number of taxis required, identify destinations and make the booking with the taxi supplier;

  • Allocate staff to appropriate taxis and complete the required documentation.

Management should ensure that all members of staff are aware of who is responsible for accepting taxi reservations.

Each member of staff will be able to reserve a taxi at the beginning of each session by paying a nominal fee towards the cost (Refer to Section 3 for details of costs).

Appropriate members of staff should be allocated to each taxi, taking into consideration travelling distance, geographical location and thus ensuring the minimum number of taxis are used.

A member of Management should complete and sign the relevant docket/documentation and ensure that it is provided to the taxi driver(s).

3. Costs

In order to confirm a taxi reservation it is recommended that staff pay a nominal fee.[26] The recommended fee should be agreed and authorised by the Regional Manager to ensure a degree of consistency across the region. This fee should be proportionate to the distance travelled with the outstanding cost being borne by the club.

4. Payment Methods

Any staff contribution to the cost of the taxi may be requested at the beginning of the session. The outstanding costs should be settled by account, directly between the Branch and the taxi supplier upon receipt of invoice.

5. Record Keeping/Cash Banking

It is essential that records of all persons booking and using staff taxis be retained along with a record of their cash payment.

All cash must be banked on a daily basis and the Branch Administrator is responsible to the General Manager for the reconciliation of cash to persons using taxis.

N.B: Management of new sites should negotiate an agreement with local taxi suppliers prior to new entrants joining the company.

26   For the Committee's information, a nominal fee usually equivalent to the cost of public transport home is charged to staff, with venues making up the difference in cost. This demonstrates to the Inland Revenue that taxi services late at night are for the purposes of safety rather than a taxable benefit that would leave employees out of pocket. Back

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