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Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Letter from the Reverend Kenneth R Brown MA MPhil

I register my opposition to any changes which give relaxation to the Laws protecting 'Sunday' and to any further provision for the availability of alcoholic liquor.

Apart from the arguments made by the National United Temperance Council to you - serious account should be given to the record of injury to our nation by alcohol (evidence is mounting every day). It is pointless for the Government to have police campaigns against 'drink-driving' and yet to make increasing facility for the imbibing of alcohol.

The observance (and necessity of) of Sunday as a 'special day' has been down-graded by Government too much already, and therefore it would be unwise to go further.

I appeal that if the Prime Minister wishes (as he has stated) that the nation should join in an 'ethical crusade' then some leadership should be given by not encouraging activity to the contrary.

Methodist Church (Scotland District)

22 September 1999

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