Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Letter from Mrs M Brown, Bristol

I have just been reading the social implications of further deregulations of the Sunday Observance law.

Having already allowed shops to open on Sundays, so depriving families of a much needed day of rest —you are now proposing to increase drink and drug abuse.

There seems to be little concern for the children and loved ones of those who suffer so much through alcohol abuse which is very bad at present.

The Government say the drug situation particularly among the very young must be dealt with and now propose to make it easier and for longer hours, this is contradictory.

It seems to me that those in positions of authority have forgotten the word 'NO' and must let everyone be free to do what they like, irrespective of what inconvenience or distress other people may have to suffer.

Our Creator has given a universal day for everyone to rest and enjoy the family - so you think you know better and take that day - yes Sunday away by these new proposals, - think again!

September 1999

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