Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Letter from Camden Town Community Forum

We object to the "burden" in question being reduced.

  • The Government is being very indulgent towards licensees and the owners of entertainment venues (increasingly, these are immensely rich chains of breweries or leisure consortia) at the expense of the residential population;

  • This proposal will increase the number of licensed premises; increase the number of days from 6-day to 7-day drinking;

  • Concentrate drinking at weekends;

  • Increase the overall number of nightclubs; in Camden Town we are already inundated with prospective night club venues;

  • Increase the amount of noise, litter, anti-social behaviour and drug taking associated with this type of leisure activity.

We urge the Government to resist a change to the present laws in both cases.

Olga Calnan, Chair

21 September 1999

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