Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Letter from the Clerk to the Home Office

The Delegated Powers and Deregulation Committee discussed this consultation paper briefly at its meeting yesterday, in the light of its unfavourable report on the earlier Sunday Dancing proposal. It noted that, as is also the case with the current proposal for the draft Deregulation (New Year Licensing) Order 1999, organisations representing Welsh interests are under-represented in the Government's consultation exercise. Moreover the Home Office's consultation list is clearly out-of-date in so far as it does cover Welsh organisations, and the list of Welsh County Councils consulted is incomplete. I was asked to write to the Home Office to point this out now, so that steps can be taken to rectify the situation.

I have also been asked to draw the Cabinet Office's attention to the fact that the Committee was once again referred to incorrectly in the consultation paper. Its title is, and has been for some time now, the Delegated Powers and Deregulation Committee.

20 May 1999

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