Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Reply from the Home Office

Thank you for your letter of 20 May about the above.

I am very sorry for the error in respect of your committee's name. Our records have been amended accordingly.

As you will have noticed, our list of consultees for the Sunday dancing paper is somewhat longer than for previous consultation exercises. We want to ensure that everyone with an interest is given the fullest opportunity to comment on the Government's proposals.

We have sent the paper to all our usual consultees for liquor and entertainment issues. I am grateful to you for pointing out that Welsh organisations are under-represented. We have since sent our consultation paper to the Welsh Local Government Association, the Welsh Development Agency, the Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils and the North Wales Association of Town Councils. We have also added these organisations to our list for future consultation exercises. I should be grateful to receive any other suggestions you might have.

We have also sent our consultation paper to all the respondents to our 1995 consultation exercise on Sunday dancing. A number of these are individual local councils, some of which are Welsh. Although we would not normally directly consult individual councils (we look to their representative organisations to provide us with collective responses from their members), given the 1995 respondents' particular interest in this issue, we thought it appropriate to include them in the list of consultees this time. It is not our intention to directly consult all local councils.

We have also sent the consultation paper to all Members of Parliament, placed it in the House libraries, publicised it through a press release and placed it on the Home Office Internet page.

P Drummond, Liquor Licensing Section

4 June 1999

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