Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Letter from the Clerk to the Home Office

The Committee considered this proposal for the first time at its meeting yesterday and agreed that I should write to invite the Home Office to give evidence - in writing in the first instance - on how the Government envisages that the special hours certificate system proposed would work.

The Committee noted in particular that paragraph 37 of the explanatory memorandum states that residents associations would like any person - not just the police - to be eligible to apply for revocation of a special hours certificate relating to Sundays, but that the Government is proposing to allow only the police to apply for revocation, which "would be consistent with the existing arrangements for other days. Revocation action could still be prompted by residents and other individuals." The Committee recalled that the proposal for the draft Deregulation (New Year Licensing) Order 1999, which the Committee considered last year (18th report 1998-99, HL Paper 73, paragraphs 21-23), contained a different system, under which an application could be made by the police, local residents or local authorities, and would like to know why a different approach was chosen for the present proposal.

The Committee would also like further information on how necessary protection would be maintained for local residents if they themselves are unable to apply for revocation of a special hours certificate.

20 January 2000

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