Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Letter from Miss I MacGregor

I am writing to express my concern about the above proposed legislation, because:

(1) The Fourth Commandment 'Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy ...' Exodus XX.8;

(2) If effected, these changes would encourage drug addiction and alcoholism even more;

(3) There would be more pressure on more people to work in the pubs and clubs on the Lord's Day;

(4) The unfortunates who live near licensed premises would be exposed to noise for longer periods at a time.

Alas, Scotland has already largely lost any regard for the Biblical day of rest and it may well be that the proposals relate to England and Wales only. Even so, I spent my growing-up years in England and have an interest in her welfare!


14 September 1999

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