Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Ninth Report

Letter from The Restaurant Association

I am writing on behalf of The Restaurant Association to express my firm support for the Deregulation (Sunday Dancing and Licensing) Order 2000 which I understand your committee is currently considering.

As you may know, The Restaurant Association is a national organisation exclusively dedicated to protecting and enhancing the interests of restaurateurs. We have almost 3000 members, from small independent restaurants to large quoted groups with our membership spread right across the UK.

The Association welcomes the moves towards licensing liberalisation and in particular this move to allow restaurants to apply for extended hours orders on Sundays. This proposal fits well with the current Home Office proposals to remove the music and entertainment requirement attached to extended hours orders.

I hope your committee will approve the Order and look forward to seeing it implemented in the near future.

Ian McKerracher,
Chief Executive

24 February 2000

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