Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Eleventh Report

Control of Campaign Expenditure


Clause 75 requires the treasurer of a registered political party to prepare a return in respect of campaign expenditure. Under subsection (6) the Commission may be regulations prescribe a form of return. This matter has been left to delegated legislation because the form of return may change over time and is likely to be technical. The return is relevant only to registered parties so regulations made by the Commission are appropriate.

Schedule 7 sets out qualifying expenses for campaign expenditure. Under paragraph 7 the Secretary of State may, by order, amend Parts I and II of Schedule 7 either to give effect to a recommendation of the Commission or after consultation with the Commission. The order is subject to affirmative resolution procedure as it will be an offence to spend in excess of the limits in Schedule 8; Schedule 7 states what needs to be taken into account in assessing spending.

Schedule 12 sets out qualifying expenses in respect of referendums. The Schedule is in similar, but not identical, terms to Schedule 7. The Secretary of State has a similar power to amend this Schedule by order subject to the affirmative resolution procedure.

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