Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Eleventh Report

Miscellaneous and General


Clause 151(1) makes provision for the Secretary of State by order to bring the provisions of the act (other than those mentioned in subsection (3) which come into force on Royal Assent) into force. Different days may be appointed for different purposes and the order may contain such transitional provisions and savings as the Secretary of State considers appropriate. The order may, in particular, make provision in respect of any financial limits imposed where the period in relation to such limit is imposed would otherwise begin at a time before the commencement of that provision of this Act. So for example the limits on campaign expenditure in paragraph 3(5) of Schedule 8, which apply for a period of 365 days ending with the date of the poll, may need to be modified for the purposes of a general election which takes place within 365 days of Part V of the Act comes into force. Orders made under this provision are not subject to any parliamentary procedure, as is standard in the case of commencement provisions.

17 March 2000

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