Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Deregulation Thirteenth Report



Supplementary Memorandum by the Home Office and Northern Ireland Office

The Government was grateful for the Select Committee's report on the delegated powers to be found in the Terrorism Bill. It has studied its comments and recommendations carefully.

With regard to the three recommendations for amendments to the Bill, made at paragraph 46 of the report, the Government accepts the points made by the Committee and plans to move amendments consistent with the approach it suggests should be taken. That is it intends to move amendments so that the order making powers in Schedule 7 paragraph 17, and Schedule 8 paragraph 21 are subject to the affirmative procedure for the first occasion they are used and that Clause 118(1) should be subject to the negative resolution procedure.

The Government notes the observations made by the Committee on other delegated powers in the Terrorism Bill and in particular the issues on which it suggests the House might wish to probe. It continues to believe that the powers as drafted are defensible, but recognises there are issues on which the House may wish to seek further explanation.

18 April 2000

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