Select Committee on European Union Special Report


Orders of Reference

Monday 6th December 1999

European Union - It was moved by the Chairman of Committees that a Select Committee be appointed to consider European Union documents and other matters relating to the European Union.

That the expression "European Union documents" shall include the following documents:

(i)  Any proposal under the Community Treaties for legislation by the Council or the Council acting jointly with the European Parliament;

(ii)  Any document which is published for submission to the European Council, the Council or the European Central Bank;

(iii)  Any proposal for a common strategy, a joint action or a common position under Title V (provisions on a common foreign and security policy) of the Treaty on European Union which is prepared for submission to the Council or to the European Council;

(iv)  Any proposal for a common position, framework decision, decision or a convention under Title VI (provisions on police and judicial co-operation in criminal matters) of the Treaty on European Union which is prepared for submission to the Council;

(v)  Any document (not falling within (ii), (iii) or (iv) above) which is published by one Union institution for or with a view to submission to another Union institution and which does not relate exclusively to consideration of any proposal for legislation;

(vi)  Any other document relating to European Union matters deposited in the House by a Minister of the Crown.

That, as proposed by the Committee of Selection, the following Lords be named of the Committee:

V. Bledisloe
L. Borrie
L. Brooke of Alverthorpe
V. Brookeborough
B. Crawley
L. Goodhart
L. Hope of Craighead
L. Howell of Guildford
L. Hussey of North Bradley
L. Lamont of Berwick
B. O'Cathain
E. Selborne
L. Tomlinson
L. Tordoff (Chairman
L. Trefgarne
L. Wallace of Saltaire
L. Williams of Elvel
L. Willoughby de Broke

That the Committee have power to appoint Sub-Committees and to refer to such Sub-Committees any of the matters within the terms of reference of the Committee; that the Committee have power to appoint the Chairmen of Sub-Committees, but that such Sub-Committees have power to appoint their own Chairman for the purpose of particular inquiries; that two be the quorum of such Sub-Committees;

That the Committee have power to co-opt any Lord for the purpose of serving on a Sub-Committee;

That the Committee have power to appoint Specialist Advisers;

That the Committee and any Sub-Committee have power to adjourn from place to place;

That the Committee have leave to report from time to time;

That the Reports of the Select Committee from time to time shall be printed, notwithstanding any adjournment of the House;

That the Minutes of Evidence taken before the European Communities Committee or any Sub-Committee thereof in the last session of Parliament be referred to the Committee: and

That the Committee do meet on Tuesday 7th December at a quarter past four o'clock; the motion was agreed to.

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