Select Committee on European Communities Second Report


18 JANUARY 2000

By the Select Committee appointed to consider European Union documents and other matters relating to the European Union.

Ordered to Report


1. As part of its work on European Union documents, the Select Committee sends letters to Ministers to express its views on documents under scrutiny. The procedure of sending a letter may be adopted when the timetable of the Council of Ministers is too short for the Committee to make a report, or if the enquiry indicates that the points at issue do not warrant a full report.

2. The Committee considers that the attention of the House should now be drawn to letters which it has sent since the last volume of correspondence was issued, together with replies received from Ministers. It includes letters sent by the Committee and replies received since July 1999.

3. This Report contains letters relating to policy issues. It also contains, in an Appendix, a list of cases where the Committee has been unable to scrutinise documents effectively. Government responses to the Committee's Reports, and any correspondence arising therefrom, are now printed in separate Reports.[1]

4. The two immediately previous volumes of Correspondence with Ministers were published as the 4th Report, 1998-99 (HL Paper 24) and the 17th Report, 1998-99 (HL Paper 94).

1  The first volume of Government Responses is available as HL Paper 94, 13th Report, 1999-2000. Back

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