Select Committee on European Communities Second Report


Letter from the Baroness Hayman, Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, to Lord Tordoff, Chairman of the Committee

  I understand my predecessor, Jeff Rooker, wrote to you updating your Committee on subsequent developments on the above proposal on 8 June[6] this year. I am now writing to you along similar lines.

  In the letter of 8 June, Jeff Rooker explained that the German Presidency hoped to reach agreement on a Common Position at the June Internal Market Council. Despite the Presidency's aspirations, a Common Position was not reached. Although a qualified majority of Member States could agree the compromise text, the Commission maintained a reservation in connection with the comitology procedure to amend the Directive. Agreement on this sensitive matter was reached between the Commission ad the Council in late summer.

  The latest Presidency compromise proposal (9947/99) meets the requirements expressed by the European Parliament with regard to the restriction on vegetable fats other than cocoa butter and the question of double labelling. The compromise also reconciles the technological needs of industry in this sector. As a result, a Common Position was agreed at the Internal Market Council on 28 October.

23 November 1999

6   Printed in Correspondence with Ministers 17th Report, Session 1998-99, HL Paper 94, p 60. Back

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