Select Committee on European Union Fifth Report

Letter from the Home Secretary, the Right Honourable Jack Straw MP, to the Presidency of the Council (Document No. 8562/99 ADD 1, SCHENGEN 56)

  My letter to Otto Schilly of 20 May enclosed the United Kingdom's formal application to participate in areas of the Schengen acquis. I am grateful for the new Presidency's positive approach to consideration of our application.

  We indicated in our application that we would give further consideration to certain Decisions and Declarations of the Schengen Executive Committee, listed in part 2 of Annex 1 of the application, which had been received by the United Kingdom only shortly before the submission of our application.

  We have now considered these measures. I would like to confirm that the United Kingdom wishes to participate in the following Decisions and Declarations, to the extent that they are consistent with the terms of our application and the outcome of negotiations on our participation in the provisions of the Convention on which they are based:

  Sch/Com-ex Decisions (98) 51 rev 3, 52
  Sch/Com-ex Decisions (89) 6, 7 rev 2, 8 rev 2, 18

  Sch/Com-ex Decision (99) 5
  Sch/Com-ex Declaration (99) 2 rev

  Sch/Com-ex Decision (98) 26
  I would also like to take this opportunity to confirm that the United Kingdom wishes to include in its application Sch/Com-ex Decision (99) 1 rev 2 on drug co-operation.

  I look forward to the forthcoming consideration of the application under the Finnish Presidency.
  May I also offer my best wishes for the Presidency.
  I am copying this letter to Justice Minister, Mr Johannes Koskinen, to Anita Gradin and Mario Monti in the Commission and to Charles Elsen in the Council Secretariat.

9 July 1999

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