Select Committee on European Union Fifth Report

Letter from the Home Secretary, the Right Honourable Jack Straw MP, to the Presidency of the Council (Document No. 8562/99 ADD 2, SCHENGEN 56)

  Further to my letter of 9 July outlining the Decisions of the Schengen acquis that the United Kingdom wishes to participate in, I write to inform you that the United Kingdom also wishes to participate in the Schengen "Agreement on Co-operation in proceedings for Road Traffic Offences and the Enforcement of Financial Penalties thereof". Consequently, the United Kingdom also wishes to participate in the negotiations on the Explanatory Report on the Agreement that are to take place in the Judicial Co-operation Working Group.

6 October 1999



Article 39Mutual assistance between police authorities.
Article 40Cross-border surveillance.
Article 41Cross-border hot pursuit.
Articles 42-43Status and liability of officers taking part in cross-border operations.
Article 44Technical means for cross-border communication.
Article 46Spontaneous exchanges of information.
Article 47Secondment of liaison officers.
Articles 48-53Mutual assistance in criminal matters.
Articles 54-58Application of the non bis in idem principle (preventing prosecution for the same offence in more than one Schengen State).
Articles 59-66Extradition.
Articles 67-69Transfer of the enforcement of criminal judgments.
Articles 70-76Narcotic drugs.
Articles 92-119Schengen Information System.
Articles 126-130Data protection requirements.


  Documents marked with an asterisk (*) are Declarations. The others are Decisions of the Schengen Executive Committee.

(i)  Police co-operation

(97) 6 rev 2Schengen Manual on police co-operation in the field of public order and security.
(98) 51 rev 3Mutual assistance between police forces to prevent and detect crime.
(98) 52Schengen Handbook on cross-border police co-operation containing guidance for police officers on the following:

*mutual assistance to prevent and detect crime;
*cross-border surveillance;
*cross-border hot pursuit;
*mutual assistance to prevent future crime and offences against or threats to public policy and security;
*exchange of information for the purpose of carrying out effective checks and surveillance at the external borders;
*secondment of liason officers;
*bilateral arrangements and agreements;
*the SIS;

    *specific national measures taken under Article 2(3) of the 1990 Convention (measures compensating for the abolition of internal border controls.

(99) 6Tactical and operational requirements for a future cross-border digital radio system for the police and customes services.
(99) 7 rev 2Indicative list of locations for deployment of liaison officers at the external borders.
(99) 8 rev 2General principles governing the payment of informers.
(99) 18Exchange of information between police forces without the involvement of judicial authorities.

(ii)  Judicial co-operation

(93) 14Judicial co-operation in combating drug trafficking.
(96) 6 rev 2Declaration on extradition.
(99) 11 rev 2Agreement on Co-operation in Road Traffic Offences and the Enforcement of Penalties.

(iii)  Schengen Information System

(93) 16Financial Regulation on the setting-up and operating costs of the Central SIS in Strasbourg.
(93) 16 rev 2Financial Regulation for the installation and operation of the SIS.
(95) 6Establishment of a Management Unit for the SIS.
(95) 7Award of contract for SIRENE Phase 11.
(95) 8Designation of Benelux General Secretariat as contracting authority for the SIRENE phase II network.
(95) 9Legal and financial guarantees enabling the Benelux General Secretariat to award the SIRENE phase II contract.
(97) 2 rev 2Decision awarding contract for the SIS phase II preliminary study.
(97) 18Apportionment of share of costs for the Central SIS to take account of the participation of Iceland and Norway pursuant to their Co-operation Agreement with the Schengen States.
(97) 24Development of SIS II and integration of Nordic States during 2000.
(97) 35Amendments to 1996 Financial Regulation on the installation and operating costs of the Central SIS.
(97) 13*Procedure for entering an alert in the SIS relating to the abduction or unlawful removal of a minor from the person awarded custody.
(98) 11Requirement that the Central SIS shall provide 18 connections.
(99) 5Revised version of the SIRENE Manual (confidential).
(99) 2 rev*List of authorities with central responsibility for the national section of the SIS (includes number of terminals, authorities able to access the SIS, applicable national data protection laws and supervisory bodies).

(iv)  Drugs co-operation

(94) 28 revCertificate for transport of narcotic drugs for medical treatment.
(99) 1 rev 2Report on co-operation between Schengen States in combating drug-related crime.

(v)  General

(98) 26Establishment of Standing Committee on the evaluation and implementation of Schengen to:

    *check whether all the preconditions for the entry into force of the Convention and acquis are met by an applicant State, and

    *to ensure the proper application of the Convention and acquis in the States where it is already in force.

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